Old agricultural estate with a comprehensive character, nowadays it is a family agri-food company dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards, walnuts, olives, almonds and cereals, which sells its fruits directly.

The winery is located in the center of the vineyard, so the time between the harvest and the processing of the same is minimal. It has the capacity to receive 700,000 kg of grapes.

The proximity of the vineyards to the winery and the selection of the optimum maturing moment, as well as a coordinated collection ensures that the grape arrives with all its properties at the first steps of the elaboration.

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Nuts of high quality

At the beginning of October we start the collection starting with the earliest varieties. Before packaging, we clean and select them according to quality and size.


Extra virgin olive oil

Oil produced by environmentally friendly cultivation and harvested on the last days of October and early November.


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