Walnut apple strudel

We need:

1 sheet of puff pastry

4 apples

a handful of nuts

2 c / s of cinnamon

80 grams butter

100 grs sugar

1c / s bread crumbs

1 egg

Let’s do it:

Preheat the oven to 180º

Peel the apples, cut them into cubes and mix them with a little sugar and 1 c / s of cinnamon

Sauté the butter with the breadcrumbs in a pan, reserve

Place the puff pastry sheet on baking paper in the baking tray, spread with the butter and breadcrumbs, sprinkle the crumbled nuts and finally cover, without reaching the edges with the mixture of apple, cinnamon and sugar.

Roll the puff pastry sheet as if it were a “brazo de gitano” and finally seal the edges and sides with a brush moistened with water and finally paint the surface with the brush and beaten egg

Baking for 30mn

Once cool sprinkle with sugar glass and cinnamon

Optional: you can add raisins

Harvesting olives

We start the new olive oil campaign 2017-18.

This week we are in full harvest of the olive, there is not a high production, but of a good quality.

First we vibrate the tree and pick the olives with the umbrella, then we take them to grind ...

We leave some photos of harvesting moments...



Renovarse o…..

Ya lo dice el dicho “renovarse o morir” y nosotros optamos por RENOVARNOS!!!!:

Acabamos de renovar nuestra página web con más contenido y otros idiomas ​​…

Acabamos de renovar nuestra tienda online, para que podais disponer de nuestros productos en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, y para ello la estrenamos con un super ofertón!!!

Y tambien, hemos renovado nuestro muro del facebook de Valonga ..

Esperamos que os gusten las novedades y tambien esperamos vuestras sugerencias y opiniones que siempre serán bienvenidas. 

Melon and prawns with mint salt

  Love at first sight with this recipe, I saw it and I immediately set to work.

First – We mix the salt (two tablespoons) with a few mint leaves, well crushed to mortar and reserved
Second – With the ice cream spoon we make balls in melon (cantaloup or galia) and we reserve in the refrigerator
Third – We heat water with a bay leaves, pepper balls and a clove of garlic, when boiling we make the prawns (already peeled or frozen ) and leave them just 4 mn, remove them and cool them quickly
Fourth – Prepare the maceration by stirring oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, sea salt, 1 c / c honey and add the peeled prawns, leave to macerate an hour or two in the fridge
Fifth – Setting our plate: on a skewer we sprinkle melon, shrimp, etc. and serve it with the mint salt and we accompany VALONGA CHARDONNAY 2016 very cold!
Inspiration of july Elle Gourmet recipe

Tasting and solidarity challenge in Zaragoza

Eugenia, owner of El Sitio de Eugenia (c / Asalto 43, Zaragoza) arranged a considerable group of women in a nice place as the Villa Felice Kiosk (in the Park of the Canódromo, Zaragoza).

The challenge was to gather a group of 100 women (they were covered in large numbers, many of them on the waiting list), who made their donation to raise funds against cancer, which enjoyed a wine tasting accompanied by delicious tapas.

The wines were conducted by the sommelier Marta Tornos, who  presented a white wine of “El Grillo y la Luna” winery and a rosé wine of Hacienda Molleda. Teresa Ferrer of Finca Valonga who presented her  Tres Teresas selección and finally Susana Ruberte , enologist of Bodegas Ruberte, who presented her latest project: a delicious cava.

If the audience was female, the speakers also, the requirement was: that a female hands were in front of the wine, such as winemakers, sommeliers or owners or cellar managers.

Total success of the event and contribution of € 600 to the foundation against cancer. Challenge achieved!

Our wines awarded at CIVA CHALLENGE

Our wines  FINCA VALONGA SYRAH 2015 , VALONGA CHARDONNAY 2016 have won gold medals in CIVA Akatavinos Chalenge wiht 94 and 92 points respectively.

Also our youngest wine  VALONGA TINTO 2016 took a distinction with its 91 points.



The Descenso Internacional del Cinca is approaching

Next 20th of August, will take place the XX edition of the Descenso Internacional del Cinca, of which we feel very proud to be sponsors since its first edition.

Year by year has been acquiring more importance, thanks to the high number of participants from both national and international clubs and also the excellent organization.

It has the category of Activity de Interés Turistico awarded by the Aragon Government and Prueba de Carácter Internacional de Interés Especial in the Official Calendar of the Royal Spanish Canoeing Federation.

For more information visit the website of the  Descenso Internacional del Cinca en Piraguas